W3CValidate(string pageUrl)

Validates the HTML of a page using W3C validation service and reports number of errors and warnings.

W3CValidate(“http://google.com”) => “37 Errors, 2 Warnings”

Note that this is using W3C API and missure (massive amounts of validations) can lead to your IP beeing blocked by W3C. I’ve added a 1000ms sleep between validations to avoid this.

Get help with this function in the SeoTools Community Forum.


9 Responses to W3CValidate

  1. Peter SmK says:

    Hi, this function seems not to be implemented in 2.3 version

    best regards

  2. nielsbosma says:

    Are you sure you’re running 2.3? It work for me.

  3. Peter SmK says:

    Yes, I am using 2.3 32 bit version, under MS Office 2010 32 bit and there is no “W3CValidate” function accessible.

  4. nielsbosma says:

    Weird. Just to be sure… do you get “2.3″ from =SeoToolsVersion() and in “About”.

  5. Peter SmK says:


  6. nielsbosma says:

    Weird. And all other functions work? I’m using Office 2007 so I’ve not been able to reproduce your bug.

  7. Peter SmK says:

    No – not tall are working, but W3CValidate isn’t even accessible from drop-down menu nor from any of buttons under SeoTools tab nor from Formulas/Insert function/SeoTools like there is no such function

  8. nielsbosma says:

    That’s seems impossible… You don’t see in the On-page menu in SeoTools? Are you sure you’re using 2.3? Can you please try and download http://seotools.nielsbosma.se/releases/SeoTools_2.3.zip

  9. Peter SmK says:

    I did what You told me, and I have the same situation…
    I’ve sent You an email with printscreen.