“SEOlytics is the controlling software for the sophisticated analysis of your SEO activities. Professional online marketing is increasingly becoming a success factor for many companies. Of all measures search engine optimization (SEO for short) plays a notable and vital role, because it increases the likelihood of your website being found on the internet and thus provides you more potential customers.”

As of version 3.3 of SeoTools, SEOlytics users can utilize a set of features from SEOlytics direclty in Excel. Each function has a wizard found in the SEOlytics menu to help build formulas.

To use SEOlytics in SeoTools you need a SEOlytics pro API key.

No key? Sign up for a free SEOlytics trial!


Import backlinks – as available via the Backlink/Overview section in the SEOlytics tool.

=SEOlyticsBacklinks(string url, int limit, string fields, [bool includeHeaders=false, bool exactUrl=false, string achorText=null, string status=null, string type=null, string srcDomain=null, string srcCountry=null, int srcACRank=0, int backlinksLinkingToSrcDomain=0, int domainsLinkingToSrcDomain=0])


“The SVR is a weekly updated index that shows the visibility of your domain by means of keyword rankings, their search popularity and CPC.”

=SEOlyticsSVR(string domain, string lcc, [int weeksBack=1, string fields="position", includeHeaders=false]]) : table


Returns daily ranking data for the registered domains of the keywords registered by the caller via the Ranking Resource – similar to the Monitoring/Positions section in the SEOlytics tool.

Tip:Use wildcards (*) and commas (,) to select multiple keywords.

=SEOlyticsMonitoredKeywordRanking(string domain, string lcc, string keywords, [Date date=null, int daysBack=1, string searchEngine="google", string fields="position", includeHeaders=false]) : table


Obtain daily domain detail and social media data for the registered domains – similar to the Monitoring/Domain Details/Social Media sections in the SEOlytics tool.

=SEOlyticsDomainMetrics(string domain, string lcc, [Date date=null, int daysBack=1, string fields="google-backlinks", bool includeHeaders=false]) : table


Returns link statistics for an url of a registered domain – as available via the Backlinks/Link Popularity section in the SEOlytics tool.

=SEOlyticsLinkCount(string domain, [int weeksBack=1, string fields="no-links-total", bool includeHeaders=false]) : table


Retrieval of link history – as available via the Backlink/History section in the SEOlytics tool.

=SEOlyticsLinkHistory(string domain, [int monthsBack=1, string fields="links-incoming", bool includeHeaders=false]) : table


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