Download SeoTools for Excel!

(What is this? Read more about SeoTools for Excel.)

Note! SeoTools requires the “full” Microsoft .Net framework installed.

You need the right version of SeoTools for your Excel installation or the add-in won’t work at all. Figure out if you’re using 32bit or 64bit version of Excel

Download latest version

Beta versions are released on the SeoTools Forum.

(Previous releases)

SeoTools doesn’t work on Mac or Linux, Google Docs or OpenOffice. Just plain old Excel&Windows.

How much does it cost?


But if you like SeoTools, please donate a buck or two.

I also appreciate any blogpost, like, tweet or link you can help me with.


There’s two ways of using/installing SeoTools:

Method A: On Demand

I prever this method as I don’t add any overhead to Excel when not using SeoTools. Using this method I add SeoTools functionality every time I need it in a Excel session.

  1. After you’ve downloaded the correct version unzip to a directory of your choice.
  2. Now open a Excel spreadsheet that you want to work with.
  3. Then either:
    1. Open the SeoTools.xll (Opening XLL plugins in Excel “augments” the current session)…
    2. …or drag&drop SeoTools.xll directly on the Excel spreadsheet your working on. (Note that you must unzip, dragging the xll file directly from the zip file won’t work at all.)
  4. You now get a security message. Click the button to the left that says “Enable this add-in for this session only”.
  5. Now your have all SeoTools functions in your Excel environment. In your Ribbon you should see a “SeoTools” tab. Note that you must perform these steps every time you open a Excel document where your want to use the SeoTools.

Method B: Permanent Installation

You can also permanently include SeoTools in all Excel sessions by (Excel 2010):  File -> Options -> Add-Ins -> Manager: Excel Add-ins + Go -> Browse -> Select SeoTools.xll.

Note that when upgrading SeoTools from an older version, you may need to remove the previous version under “Add-ins”. Just overwriting the directory isn’t enough. Double check that your get the desired version by running =SeoToolsVersion().

Problems? Checkout the Troubleshooting page.


48 Responses to Download

  1. Thank you for this tools
    It is very very helpful for me
    Muchas Gracias ;)

  2. Bryan McCaw says:

    Looks like a cool set of tools. Will play with for a bit and if I use or integrate I will pay. How much is commonly paid?

  3. shelli says:

    Do you have any plans to create/release a mac version or do you know anything similar for a mac?

  4. Allan says:

    Not compatible with MAC :(

  5. Nedim Sabic says:

    I really can´t believe that you made something like this. It´s awesome! Thank you very very much, more useful than a ton of paid SEO tools out there. I will spread the word!

  6. Thanks for this good tools !

  7. Great tool, thank you !!

  8. richard says:

    Found out about this at SES today in london. Looks very good and cant wait to have a look at it

  9. Thanks for sharing this great tool.

  10. Alex says:

    I’ve had this installed for about a year but never really used it until today when I downloaded the new version. Now that I’ve gotten to see the functionality, I could see how this could be a really powerful tool. Thanks!

  11. Niall Flynn says:

    Excellent, just what I needed :)

  12. Wow, thanks for sharing this seo tool.

  13. thanks, is a good tool man.

  14. caitlin says:

    Thx for this it is amazing for me

  15. Simon says:

    I have been spending a lot of money and time on scraping tools but most of them are either too difficult or just fail to retrieve large amount of data (talking about >3000 query). Until I find this one ! And the most importantly you are Free. I love you so much

  16. Techies Guru says:

    Very Useful for me. I was searching such type of free tool from morning and finally got it.

    Thanks :)

    Team TechiesGuru

  17. Thank you for your time creating this. It makes our job quicker, and time is money… so I will be donating :)

  18. Manu says:

    Nice tool – thanks for programming and sharing.

  19. Thanks for this tool, very helpul for SEO workers !

  20. Was looking for something like this..will surely give it a try!!Thanks

  21. Chittagong says:

    Excellent SEO Tool. Looking for frequent update.

  22. Löwenstark says:

    Great Tool, thanks for mate!

  23. David says:

    Hi Niel and respected members of this troubleshooting forum!

    I don’t know why, but every time I access the SEOTools.xII (32-bit) in either Method A or Method B I get #VALUE! for every time I try to retrieve any OnPage elements except for HTTPStatus (that works fine.) I also can get all Social metrics reported on any URL just fine. Any idea on why the OnPage functions always give a #VALUE! result??

  24. nielsbosma says:

    I’m pretty sure this mean your haven’t installed the full version of .Net (not the client version).

  25. Antonio says:

    Can this be used with Ubuntu Linux?


  26. Krinal Mehta says:

    What an awesome piece of tool this is. I’ve tried most of the paid ones including Raven, SeoMoz, AWR, SemRush but this one is just amazing. We used so many different tools to collect all this information. Who would have imagined doing a whois query within excel or running a Google Index page count ? Hats off brother ..!!

  27. Excellent tools for all the SEO workers !

    Really easy to use !

  28. webdesign fb says:

    greatest tool for SEO purposes, I had a really complicated system with vlookup to do my backlink check but it never was 100%. This is the best solution, to scrape live if the BL is there. Thank you so much for this!

  29. Velo carbone says:

    Great tool for SEO addicts !
    @Antonio, yes I tried it with Ubuntu Linux and it works !

  30. SUMESH VS says:

    This is what I’m searching for. Simply awesome!!!
    I’m searching this function =HtmlTitle() to extract the title of the specified URL.

  31. Niels,

    Jason from KasierTheSage brought me here.

    Thanks for creating this tool for excel to help my seo!

  32. Jeff says:

    This add-on for Excel is incredible! Thanks for making this available to everyone for free!

  33. Great tools, I’m using it each day for my SEO professional and personal jobs !

    You save me hours ;)

  34. Dechigno says:

    Thank you for this fantastic tool!
    It is very helpful for me
    Grazie mille! ;)

  35. HnT says:

    I love doing seo using excel, and now with this plugin I hope I will love it even more

  36. Terre A says:

    Being over 50yrs old and new to SEO your instructions were easy to read and follow. Thank you
    Now I need to find the place to send you $$$ keep up the good work. Terre
    You are Appreciated!

  37. Vikas Sharma says:

    Thank’s for providing add-on for excel. Keep doing excellent work.

  38. I need mac edition, do you make this edition?

  39. François says:

    Hi Niel. It seems impossible to download latest version when we have already an email in your database (mailchimp don’t send to the download page. there is a alert message already in database uptdate profile ?)


  40. François, click the ‘previous releases’ link. I too just had the same problem, and that link has a few different versions which (I believe) also includes the latest version.


  41. Jochen says:

    Does it also work in excel 2013? I get an error message every time I want to use the add in.

  42. This is what I’ve been looking for. I’ve pulling my hair each time I need to pull thousands of meta information when transferring a website from one server to another. Thanks you so much!

  43. Peter Pan says:

    Hi, great tool – got for the first time into Excel plugins, enjoyable exercise with such good documented software. One question on this use-case: I would like to query all .tld whois information for a specific domain name. How to add the whois servers in the config xml file?

  44. Supref says:

    Hello Niels,

    Great tool ! I was looking for a little help with my SEO reports and thanks to you it will be much easier for me now.


  45. oriane says:

    Thanks for this tool, it’s very very usefull ! It works very well for me with Excell 2010, but my collegue can’t have any Twitter data. Is it because they’re using Excel 2013 ?
    Thanks for your answer, it would be very helpfull for them to !


  46. nielsbosma says:

    Excel 2013 should work fine. Checkout the troubleshooting page.

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