Real SEOs work in Excel!

SeoTools is an Excel add-in that adds a bunch of useful functions for working with SEO and other web metrics directly in Excel.

For example you can use SeoTools for:

  • Onpage analysis and debugging
  • Create your own SEO scorecard/report
  • Monitor and analyze back links
  • Scrape any website or web service and get data directly into Excel using regular expressions or XPATH
  • Domain research
  • String templating
  • Get any data out of Google Analytics
  • Monitor social media efforts
  • Avoid duplicate content when writing texts
  • Work with your MajesticSEO or SEOlytics account.
  • And much more…


See all functions included in SeoTools.


Sounds awesome right? Go to the download page!

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Read blogposts about SeoTools.

Get help in the SeoTools Community Forum.

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89 Responses to SeoTools

  1. Antonio says:

    Will this ever be released for Open Office?


  2. nielsbosma says:

    Hi Antonio,

    Sorry, Excel-DNA that I’m using only works for Excel in Windows.


  3. Patrick says:

    It is really a best way to find out the duplicate content :) And this would be more fruitful if this applicable for entire office…..

  4. Francois says:

    Excel 2010 (W7 x64) says the addin is not valid. I’m so sad….

  5. nielsbosma says:

    I’ll try to make a x64 version and send you when I have time.

  6. Smartster says:

    Another kind request for a x64 version – would *really* like to play with it. Thanks for a great tool Niels.

  7. Egan says:

    The same issue for me too as Francois, using Win 7 x64 with Office 2010… can’t open the add in file on excel… hope Neil can update us on workable version soon…

  8. Wayne says:

    Using Win XP with .Net 4 but plugin display error message saying it cannot load the requested version of the .NET runtime

  9. Will these tools work in Numbers, or Google Docs?

  10. Jeff says:


    Indeed, thank you for making what looks like an amazing tool. Another kind request to make it available for Win 7 x64…

  11. nielsbosma says:

    Sorry, only on Windows and in Microsoft Office.

  12. MIchael says:

    I am trying to install this plugin for excel 2010 64bit version and am having no luck. Can anyone please help me?

  13. nielsbosma says:

    Michael, that won’t work until I’ve released a 64b version. If I have the energy I’ll do it this weekend.

  14. manila seo says:

    Wow this one is sick! The best SEO tool + excel mash up that I ever use!

  15. Egan says:

    Wow!! This works on my 64b Win 7, Excel 2010 version… finally, getting a touch of your work… must say, you have created an excellent tool that saves a lot of time for all SEO in the world!!! You deserve an SEO award of the year if there is any….

  16. Svetoslav says:

    Great, great, great Add-in. It works with Microsoft Office 2003 SP3. You don’t get the tool in the menu, but you can still execute the functions!

  17. Joseph says:

    Your tool is really an amazing timesaver for me. Is the PageRank retriever functioning correctly? It doesn’t seem to be for me, but many PageRank checkers seem to be failing lately.

    It would be cool if you could pull MozRank too :)

  18. nielsbosma says:

    I have to looking into the PageRank function, seems Google have changed their URL. Put feaure request on

  19. Yann says:

    It seems that HtmlH1 / HtmlH2 are not working anymore.
    For those in need, just use XPathOnUrl with “//h1″ as the string xpath

  20. Pali Madra says:

    Thank you Niel for sharing the add-in it is great!

    I wish I was in a position to donate but I will donate as soon as I get in some money as this plugin is worth it and I will spread the work from my blog about this tool.

  21. an amazing tool also works for non-english language, i have forwarded to my other colleages

  22. Alessandro says:

    Excel and SEO sure! it makes perfectly sense. Let’s try this out!

  23. Hi, it looks like a great tool, but i dont have office, coz im using libre office:) Is there a chance that your tool will be working on free libre office. I think a lot of ppl are using libre office.

  24. nielsbosma says:

    Sorry, this will always be a windows only, office only product.

    SeoTools is so awesome, I’ve heard people buying windows and office just to be able to use SeoTools ;) – true story!


  25. Alex says:

    Hi Niels.
    Thanks for this amazing plugin, I really love it!

  26. rick says:

    Hi Niels –

    I’ve tried a few times but i continue to get the following error: “Unable to load SeoTools.config.xml. Value cannot be null. Parameter name: fileName”

    Any suggestions?


  27. nielsbosma says:

    Yes, this file (found in must be in the same directory where you have SeoTools.xll.


  28. I’m Absolutely impress. I was using it a lot but for some reason, the label is not anymore on the Excel tool bar. So i can´t set up any more funtions, Please help me out

  29. nielsbosma says:

    How are you using SeoTools? Drag&Drop method or through addins?

  30. I open a new excel file, then I open the Seotools from the recent documents of excel. The tools works great but the only thing I can´t see is the SEOTools Label at the top of excel. I can run it and every thing is perfect but I can´t see the code. I have to use your funtion page ( to see the code and use it

  31. I´m really impress for your Tool. It´s just perfect. I was wondering if you would like to have a Joint Venture with me. I will launch a product an 2012 and I will refer your product a lot because my System needs to find information over the internet that your SEOTool can bring i just faster and easier…

  32. Awesome tool, especially for Excel enthusiasts. Thanks

  33. Awesome software Niels! I heard about it from SEOmoz post today! Great work!

  34. Ufone says:

    I am also getting error, its not working for me, I am using Excel 2010 ? may be becoz of this?

  35. nielsbosma says:

    I haven’t tried SeoTools in Office 2010. But will before I release 3.0.

  36. I like SEO tools but now i work with mac and excel for mac :( (

  37. nielsbosma says:

    Well that’s the price you pay for having a fancy computer :)

    (I also work on a mac, but have windows 7 installed.)


  38. @gambingSEO says:

    Cool tool Niels.
    h1 checking isn’t working if it contains an image w/ alt text btw. would be nice if it handled spans and alts in h1′s


  39. nielsbosma says:

    Thanks. I’ll look into this!

  40. Phillzz says:

    Niels, this is best seo plugin i’ve ever used. Thnx from Russian SEOs

  41. Leotheseo says:

    Hi Niels,

    How do I update your tool? I’ve unpacked all files on the same directory but when I open Excel it still asks me how to update?


  42. Chris says:

    Doesn’t seem to install for Excel 2010 using the directions in the readme file.

  43. nielsbosma says:

    Both installation methods works fine for me on my Excel 2010. Did you get the correct version? Are you using 32bit och 64bit Office? I’ll try to work out some better installation instructions.

  44. nielsbosma says:


    I think you need to fully remove SeoTools from Excel and then add it again. I’ll see if I can figure out some better documentation for this.


  45. Note that Niels is saying whether Excel is 32 bit or 64 bit, not Windows. I am running 64 bit Windows but 32 bit Excel 2010. I tried using the 64bit SeoTools and got the error:

    ‘…AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\AddIns\SeoTools64.xll’ is not a valid add-in.

    I downloaded and installed the 32bit plugin without any problems.

    For help figuring out whether you have 32 bit or 64 bit Excel see:

  46. Leotheseo says:

    Hey Niels,

    Just to let you and anyone else with the same issue know that completely removing and installing the new version works fine to update.


  47. SHIV says:

    One of the Best and Productive tool…
    Thanks buddy, I will surely donate when i’ll start earning enough…

  48. Alex says:

    Thanks for this awesome tool, can’t get it to work in excel for mac 2011…Gonna fire up a virtual machine and test this out.

    Thanks again

  49. KaleidoMatt says:

    Hi Neils,

    I’m having the same issue as @rick “Unable to load SeoTools.config.xml. Value cannot be null. Parameter name: fileName” yet the files are in the same directory.

    Are there any other reasons for the error?

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