Real SEOs work in Excel!

SeoTools is an Excel add-in that adds a bunch of useful functions for working with SEO and other web metrics directly in Excel.

For example you can use SeoTools for:

  • Onpage analysis and debugging
  • Create your own SEO scorecard/report
  • Monitor and analyze back links
  • Scrape any website or web service and get data directly into Excel using regular expressions or XPATH
  • Domain research
  • String templating
  • Get any data out of Google Analytics
  • Monitor social media efforts
  • Avoid duplicate content when writing texts
  • Work with your MajesticSEO or SEOlytics account.
  • And much more…


See all functions included in SeoTools.


Sounds awesome right? Go to the download page!

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Read blogposts about SeoTools.

Get help in the SeoTools Community Forum.

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89 Responses to SeoTools

  1. nielsbosma says:

    - Are you sure they are in the same directory?
    - Have you made any changes in the config file?
    - How did you install SeoTools?
    - Do you use the latest version?
    - What version of Excel?

  2. Anita Clark says:

    I’ve been looking for a tool to help me get a better handle on backlink analysis…giving SEOTools for Excel a try!

  3. Thomas says:

    Is there any chance to put it open-source and get community participations ?

  4. nielsbosma says:

    @Tomas: No plans for this at the moment. I have some ideas for a plugin framework.

  5. KaleidoMatt says:

    Hi Niels,

    It appears that I didn’t install SEOTools correctly. All is now in working order.

    Thanks for your help,

  6. Trent says:

    Why isn’t this tool working correctly? Normally I get a “couldn’t retrieve from URL” error. Please help! I want this to work badly!!! haha

  7. nielsbosma says:

    @Trent: please submit you question to Include formula, version of SeoTools and version of Excel.

  8. Dave says:

    I went through your site and couldn’t find a compatibility list for which versions of Excel work with your SEOtools.

    I am currently using Excel 2007 (12.0.6654.5003) on Windows 7 (32 bit)

    Will SEOtools work for my version of Excel?

  9. nielsbosma says:

    @Dave: yes this is the setup I use myself.

  10. Grind says:

    Does this work with Excel 2010? Thanks.

  11. nielsbosma says:

    @Grind: Yes

  12. Phil says:

    Hey Niels,

    first i have to say its a great tool!

    I have a question about the =CheckBacklink function. I really like this, so I can see simply which Backlinks are active. But how often are they checked? Only once or every time I start Excel? Do i have execute that function everytime I want to check, if a backlink is still alive or it get triggered on its own?


  13. nielsbosma says:

    @Phil: Yes, you need to run the function to make a new check. If you reopen a document it usually recalculates all functions depending on the settings on the document.

  14. Phil says:

    Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately it doesnt recalculate when i reopen the document. Can u tell me which settings i have to edit?


  15. Philo says:

    Hi,nielsbosma. Thank you for this tool, however, I have one question about installing.

    My PC with Win7 64bit + Office 2010 + SeoTools 3.3.4 for Excel 32bit is OK.

    Another PC with XP sp3 + Office 2010 + SeoTools 3.3.4 for Excel 32bit can not work. I have tried method A&B. No error prompt, no SEOlytics logo.


  16. Thank you, nielsbosma, it seems like a great tool
    and I am looking forward to see it in action.

  17. Joel Lumsden says:

    Useful tool for a bit of Excel jiggery-pokery, thanks Niels.

  18. pardeep says:

    Really Nice tool.thanks for share and I will use definatly..keep it up

  19. SHIV says:

    Thanks a lot,
    Using this tool daily from the day i found it and it’s saving me a lot of precious time…

    Thanks Nielsbosma.

  20. Zgred says:

    Very interesting tool :) I’ve written a little post on my seo blog about it :)

  21. Brad says:

    Freakin’ cool! Have been wanting to build an excel seo app for a few years now but this going to do the job in an awesome way! Thanks!

  22. Adam Holt says:

    First impressions are good, I will write a review on our Blog to help spread the word!

  23. Jochen says:

    a useful tool which should be developed further! works fine in excel 2010!

  24. Ahsan says:

    Very interesting tool

  25. Petra says:

    Interessantes Tool als SEO arbeite ich bereits mit anderer Software, werde Deins gerne testen.

  26. arthut says:

    very useful tools

  27. Austin says:

    Awesome competitive and strategic SEO tool!

  28. JDIZM says:

    Definitely a sweet tool for day to day SEO. What a great share.

  29. Justin Urich says:

    It’s because of this tool that I’m actually going to force myself to learn Excel. I’ve been doing very similar functions via Google Docs and other tools, but nothing that can even compare to what this offers.

    Thanks for sharing, very much appreciated =)

  30. WOW! Thank you, this tool is great.

    You saved me hours of manual labour.
    This tool is loaded with practical features if you know how to use them, very powerful!

    My donation is well deserved :)

  31. Cloud says:

    I was Ctr+C and Ctrl+V data from GA to excel from reports…You don`t have idea how much time i saved , thanks to you ^^

  32. Nick Beske says:

    This is absolutely amazing! Not as pretty as mainstream seo apps but way faster and more powerful- thank you!

  33. Dawid says:

    Awesome tool ;) Thank you so much. This tool is great!

  34. Phillip says:

    Wow. How brill is this seo tool. Thanks for all the great work you must have put in to this.

  35. Yogesh says:

    Excellent tool, it helped me a lot. Thanks

  36. Anthony says:

    Thank you again for the tool.

    I had a question though regarding the latest (and previous versions. I am using the tool to pull title/meta data & status; however, I am getting 404 for some of my URLs.

    I’ve self checked these and they are working completely fine. Plugin is giving me a mixed result of working and non working, but all are self checked to be working fine, could you shine some light onto this?


  37. Damian says:

    Awesome tool – thank you so much. There should be more tools with tf/cf from majesticseo on the market.

  38. nielsbosma says:

    Can you send me examples of links that return 404s?

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