As a first external SEO tool, the german company – SEOlytics – has chosen to sponsor an integration of their new API.

Read more about SEOlytics support in 3.3.

New functions!


  • Changed how SeoTools handles errors. You can now opt-out to get popups for subsequent errors in that session.
  • Improved error handling when SeoTools.config.xml isn’t found. Also now displaying path to SeoTools.config.xml in About dialog.
  • Blecko functions removed due to Blecko now requires authentication.
  • Updated CheckBacklink so expectedLinkHref and expectedLinkText now supports wildcards.
    =CheckBacklink(“”, “http://*”,”Suggestion*”,TRUE)
    Thanks to Serge Esteves for suggesting this.
  • Fixed problems with result strings from XPathOnUrl containing “/t” (for example “” was returned as “http:/ .co/vrPCw2Nu”).
    Thanks Javi Garcia fore reporting this.
  • Updated GooglePageRank function so PR(n/a) returns -1 (instead of 0) to separate from PR(0).
    Thanks to Pieter-Jan Vanneste for suggesting this.
  • Fixed workaround for bug in HtmlAgility Pack ( when parsing documents with tags.
  • Support for Open graph protocol in HtmlMeta:
  • Fixed bug in Google Analytics Wizard where last profileId wasn’t remembered correctly.
  • Added “Insert values” option in Google Analytics wizard.
  • Updated to the latest ExcelDna version (r.70906).
  • Added links to Forums, Documentation, Like on Facebook and What’s new in Help section.
  • Added attributes for Tlds in SeoTools.config.xml to support additional date formats, such as “dd/MM/yyyy” (.FR). New Tld attributes are WhoIsCreatedDateFormat, WhoIsUpdatedDateFormat and WhoIsExpiresDateFormat. Date formats like “dd/MM” are interpreted as the “next future date”. If today is dec. 14 2011, “01/02″ is interpreted as febr. 1 2012.
  • Added ability to skip update reminders until next version.

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7 Responses to SEOlytics integration in SeoTools 3.3

  1. JWC says:

    Excellent release, so many functions, and variables for the functions too. I use a lot of the domain features, but can see other occasions XPath is used too. Really useful.

  2. Hi there,

    I just installed the new version but it does not work when clicking on the seo tools toolbar none of the buttons does anything not even donate etc.

  3. nielsbosma says:

    @Devalt: It seems theres a problems with upgrading to the new version. We’re discussing this on

  4. micha says:

    Very very nice, can you implement the sistrix-toolbox-data to?


  5. nielsbosma says:

    @micha: You can suggest this on

  6. javi garcia says:



  7. MCX Tips says:

    In most simple terms I must say it a Awesome tool !!! Just superb. It helped me a lot. Thanks for sharing it with the SEO professionals.

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