It was a long time I released a new version of SeoTools, mostly because of the birth of my beautiful daughter Julia. But between diaper changes I’ve had some time to develop next release of SeoTools. And this time I think you will not be disappointed.

The primary new feature is an implementation of Google Data Export API to get any Google Analytics data into your spreadsheet.

The magic happens in the new function GoogleAnalytics but as these formulas can become quite complicated, I have built a wizard that helps pick metric, dimension etc. It’s smart enough to figure out what Goal, Custom variable and Dynamic segments you’re using.

New functions

The rest…

- Found a major problem with my builds making some of the cool stuff from previous release not working such as JsonPathOnUrl.

- Fixed problems with HtmlH1, HtmlH2, HtmlH3.

- Fixed so HtmlMeta functions can read content like “In Frida’s house there’s a lot of awesome people”. (Before “In Frida” would be returned).

- I have disabled preview for most functions (especially those with long running times) when in Excel function wizard.

- Fixed broken GoogleIndexCount, GoogleLinkCount.

- If no separator is specified in StringJoin, “” is used as the default separator

- RegexpFind now works like RegexpFindOnUrl and returns an array with all matches.

- Added support for defining HTTP authentication using urls like (instead of using HttpDownloaderConfigs).
See example of this in cookbook/SeoMozUrlMetrics.xls

- Added an alias for ‘extention’ called ‘extension’ in UrlProperty. (Thanks Darroch).

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18 Responses to New 3.2 brings you GoogleAnalytics support, SpinText and a whole bunch of fixes!

  1. Hello Niels,

    Nice to see that the Google-functions are working again. Going to check out all the new functions. I Build this function to get all the latest (20) tweets for a given keyword (Dutch Office formula uses “;” instead of “,”):
    =XPathOnUrl($C$1; “(//span[@class='status'])["&C2&"]“)

    Where C1 =

    and C2 till C21 = [1..20]

    For more then 20 tweets, use the pagination for page 2 etc.:

    There are also possibilities to extend it to get the URL mentioned + Profile ID URL.

  2. Corey says:


    I’ve been for the life of me trying to extract the URL of a twitter user.

    Can not figure it out.. any help?

    =XPathOnUrl(“”, “//a[@class='url']“)

  3. javi says:

    great job Niels!

  4. mike says:

    Not sure what you are after corey? if you are looking for the URL then you should add another parameter for href – e.g.

    =XPathOnUrl(“”, “//a[@class='url']“,”href”)

  5. Corey says:

    Mike, you are my hero.

    Thank you.

  6. sE says:


    I’ve got a question about “Generate link report”.
    Could I change data which are generating?
    I’d like to add few data like Title, H1 etc. but I don’t know how to add this to the report.
    Could you help me with that problem? :)

  7. nielsbosma says:

    At the moment you can’t. You can always make a suggestion on

  8. sE says:

    ok :)
    I’ll do that.

  9. What would it take ( donation wise ) to get this set-up in a mac ( excel for mac )

    I’m sure there are a lot of us mac users that love the power of excel and the SEO plugin for MAC would be AWESOME!

  10. Chris says:

    I can’t seem to get it to install in Excel 2010. Anything different I need to do?

  11. nielsbosma says:

    Joseph: The problem is that there’s no equivalent to ExcelDna on Mac where I can use .Net. Xlls are not supported, so I think VBA is the only option for add-ins. That means writing everything from scratch. So it not a matter of size of the donation, its a matter of time, I’m afraid.

  12. nielsbosma says:

    Chris: How far do you get? Did you follow instructions on Also there’s one tip on

  13. Chris says:

    Thanks. I have found I can use the drag and drop method to enable on a session basis. That may be the best thing for me.

  14. Alex says:

    What would it cost for a compatible version on a mac?


  15. nielsbosma says:

    Alex: More than buying a PC+Windows+Excel. Plugins for Excel/Mac are not at all as simple to create as for Excel/Windows. (Not even sure if it’s possible?).

  16. Govert says:

    Support on the Mac (without a total rewrite in VBA) would be possible (via Mono) if Excel for Mac supported xll add-ins. Older versions of Excel for Mac did have support for this, so it might not be too hard for Microsoft to support again, or todocument how in might still be done. You need to ask the Office for Mac guys at Microsoft to *add support for the Excel C API to Excel for Mac, similar to .xll add-ins on Windows*. But I’m not even sure where to send such requests. And we’d need many, many people to submit the suggestion, especially those with large corporate accounts.

  17. nielsbosma says:

    Thanks Govert for sorting that out!

  18. Thomas says:

    Hi niels !
    Thanks a lot for your work, your plugin does a really great job for my SEO work :)
    It’s really kind from you to give it for free, I appreciate !

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