Time for a new release of SeoTools 2.3!

New functions:

For this release I’ve spent a lot of time on the scraping functionality, introducing HttpDownloader configs that allows you to control most aspects of the HTTP request in functions like XPathOnUrl and RegexpFindOnUrl.

From now on I also ship a folder called cookbook/ with a bunch of examples how to use the different functions in SeoTools.

Thanks to Amit for pointing out that GooglePageRank was broken due to Google changing their urls for PageRank toolbars yesterday.

Get your copy!

Minor fixes

- Added optional attribute queryValue to function UrlProperty for setting queryParam values on an url.

=> http://domain.com/Default.aspx?a=b&foo=bar

- Changed XPathOnUrl to return an array of nodes (similar to ImportXML) instead of a “;”-concatenated string (no more messing with (xpath)[1]).
In a similar way RegexpFindOnUrl is now returning an array if there are multiple matches.

- RegexpFind now has the ability to take an vector as input. The first match is returned.
=RegexpFind(A3:C3;”\b[A-Z0-9._%-]+@[A-Z0-9.-]+\.[A-Z]{2,4}\b”;0) => (* Returns the first email adress found in in columns A3:C3 *)

- Updated About dialog to be able to show more third party software.

- All function that take an url (such as XPathOnUrl, RegexpFindOnUrl, etc.) now supports syntax for accessing local files:

(You can tell SeoTools what encoding to use, using xmlHttpDownloaderSettings.ResponseEncoding.)

2 Responses to Fixed PR, Cookbook, and a whole bunch of scraping functionality – Helloworld SeoTools 2.3

  1. Michael says:

    I’ve updated to the new version but the update popup window won’t stop showing up every time I open excel. can this be stopped now that I’ve upgraded?


  2. nielsbosma says:

    It should stop if you got the latest version. What does =SeoToolsVersion() return? Should retur “2.3″

    You can disable update checks in SeoTools.condig.xml

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