It’s time for a new SeoTools release!

I happy to announce that I’ve finally managed to produce a version that works with Office 2010 64bit! Make sure you download the correct version marked with “64″.

New functions

- W3CValidate

- UrlProperty

- WhoIsDomainCreated

- WhoIsDomainUpdated

- WhoIsDomainExpires

- InternetArchiveFirstSeen

- DomainAge

Other updates

- On startup SeoTools now checks for the latest version and prompts the user to download a new version if available. This can be inactivated in SeoTools.config.xml.

- Improved the ResponseTime function with two additional (optional) parameters: iterations (default 1) and pauseBetweenIterations (default 1000).The ResponseTime function returns the median of the values collected in each iteration.


Will measure the responsetime of 10 times with 1000ms between each iteration and return the median response time.

- Improved ResolvedIp using “host” property in UrlProperty so i.e.: =ResolveIp(“”) works. Same for GoogleIndexCount, WhoIs and IsDomainRegistered.

- Improved the Format function to fully support .Net composite formatting (string.Format).

=Format(“{0:0.00}”,123.4567) => “123.46″
=Format(“{0:0000}”,3) => “0003″

For full syntax reference:


One Response to Office 64bit version, W3CValidate and DomainAge in new SeoTools 2.2

  1. Alex says:

    Thank you for your great work!

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