I’ve uploaded a new release of SeoTools with some interesting features.

Some of these features have been added thanks to suggestions from SeoTools users. If you’re missing anything please let me know. Remember donators get their feature suggestions prioritized.

Following new features and improvements has been added in 2.1:

CheckBacklink(string pageUrl, string expectedLinkHref, [string expectedLinkText], [bool checkNofollow])

Verifies that a backlink is present on a page with the correct link text and that there’s no rel=nofollow.

This is a very useful function when validating that links you have “acquired” are still present.

=CheckBacklink(“http://linkdirectory.com/subpage”;”http://mypage.com/”;”An awesome page”;FALSE)

In the example we verify that there a link to “http://mypage.com” on “http://linkdirectory.com/subpage” with the anchorText “An awesome page” and that this link is not rel=nofollow.

IsFoundOnPage(string pageUrl, string countOccurrencesOfString, [bool ignoreCase])

Returns the number of occurrences a string can be found on a page.

Example: Check that Google analytics tracking is present on you page:

HtmlMetaRobots(string url)

Returns HTML meta robots on a page (cached).

HtmlMeta(sting url, string metaName)

Returns arbitrary HTML meta content on a page (cached).

Common meta tags:

  • author
  • googlebot
  • robots
  • keywords
  • description
  • refresh
  • copyright
  • contact
  • last-modified
  • cache-control
  • content-language
  • content-type
  • expires
  • pragma


HtmlCanonical(sting url)

Returns the HTML canonical on a page (cached).

PageSize(string pageUrl)

Returns page size in bytes (cached).

PageTextSize(string pageUrl)

Returns page text size in bytes (cached).

Calculates how much of the page source is text. Compared to other tools available online my version is quite restrictive, counting as little as possible. If you’re technically interested, I’m discussing this on stackoverflow. (I might change the algorithm in the future to be less restrictive and more aligned with other tools.)

PageCodeSize(string pageUrl)

Returns page code size in bytes (cached).

PageCodeToTextRatio(string pageUrl)

Returns page code to text ratio (cached). Same as PageTextSize(pageUrl)/PageCodeSize(pageUrl).

PageEncoding(string pageUrl)

Returns the page encoding detected by SeoTools.

HttpHeader(string pageUrl, string headerName)

Returns response HTTP header (cached).

=HttpHeader(“http://google.com”;”Content-Type”) => text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1


Added 1000ms sleep in GooglePageRank and GooglePlusCount to avoid your IP getting blocked by Google when performing a lot of lookups.

Download SeoTools.

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