Added a new Ribbons interface. Checkout the “Donate” button :)

Added optional parameter “attribute” To XPathOnUrl method for selecting attributes on nodes.

Added new function SqlFirst(string SqlQuery)Returns the first column of the first row in the result of a SQL query. Requires that you setup a ConnectionString in SeoTools.config.xml. Works great together with Format.
=SqlFirst(Format(“SELECT Id FROM Clients WHERE Email=’{0}’ AND Password=’{1}’”;A1:A2))

Added new function StringJoin(string separator; vector data) Returns concatenated string of a vector with specified separator.
1 Niels
2 Frida
3 Julia
=StringJoin(“, “;A1:A3)
Returns “Niels, Frida, Julia”

Added optional parameter to FacebookLikes(string url; [string specific]) Where you can specify either “total” (default), “shares”, “likes” or “comments”.

Added new function GooglePlusCount(string url) Retrieves the Google+ count for an url.

Added new function TwitterCount(string url) Retrieves the number of times an url has been tweeted.

Added “Generate link report…”  found in the “Onpage” menu.

Added new function GoogleLinkCount(string url) Returns an approximation of the number of backlinks indexed by Google. (Similar to searching for links: in Google.)

Download from SeoTools project page.


6 Responses to New release of SeoTools!

  1. Vayid Haujee says:

    amazing Niel!


  2. Nathan Joynt says:

    Awesome Niels! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite tools. Keep up the good work – just subscribed to your rss.

  3. James says:

    Look’s great, trialing now.

  4. Damian says:

    Hi Niel

    Is it possible to open the function “Generate link report” as formula?

    I want to start this function about VBA….

    Thanks and best regards

  5. nielsbosma says:

    @Damian: Sorry not at the moment. Why would you want this? Add feature request on

  6. Damian says:

    Hi Nil

    Because I want to have the report for a list of urls (all on the same domain), and if I could use the function about VBA (like all other formula / functions), i could loop my list…


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